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Founded by 5 enthusiastic structural engineers in 2018, ICOTEC Engineering Ltd. aimed at bringing a new perspective in advanced structural engineering solutions to the sector by the use of its extensive analysis and design expertise as well as its capability of software development. 

Collecting the Founders' 20+ years of experience in all fields of construction industry, ICOTEC Engineering Ltd. provides a wide range of services to its Partners, including:

  • Governmental Institutions

  • Construction Firms

  • Manufacturing Companies





Before we founded ICOTEC Engineering Ltd., we have spent many years as professional individuals in various fields of construction industry. Throughout those years, we have constantly realized and experienced that only “commonly known and accepted” engineering methods are being practiced with ordinary -and usually inadequate- tools. Structural engineers also drifted away from the research developments and innovations in their field, causing loss of invaluable time and efficiency in the challenging structural engineering situations. 


That’s why the roots of ICOTEC Engineering Ltd. are continuous development, progress, and excellence in structural engineering, as well as implementing the most recent academic research and developments into practice.


Diverging from other companies in the construction industry, we believe to work with “Partners” rather than “Clients”. During each and every challenge we encounter, we walk together with our “Partners” in the harmony of collaboration on the path of finding the solution. Throughout the course of this journey to success, we always preserve our eager to learn the “unknown”, to improve the “common-known”, and to reach the “new”. Our philosophy gives the opportunity to improve ourselves as well as our Partners.


We, as Founders, invite you to be a Partner of ours in your next challenge.

Product Approval Testing and Validation
Structural Analysis and Design




Structural Analysis and Design

With our extensive experience in structural behavior, we provide advanced simulation and design solutions for complex structures, including tall buildings, dams, tunnels, subjected to extreme loading conditions, such as earthquakes, blast, and environmentally induced distress.


Structural Engineering Consultancy

A wide range of services is provided for structural performance assessment, forensic engineering and risk assessment.


Research & Development

We conduct R&D programs with our Partners in order to develop new products or innovative methods to improve the performance of existing products.


Product Approval Testing and Validation

We provide testing and validation services to the manufacturers of innovative non-standard construction products with our Partnerships, including both National and European Technical Approval regulations.


Software Development

We develop custom-made console and web based applications as well as platforms for structural design, advanced analysis, and assessment.


Value Engineering & Design Optimization

While ensuring the structural performance levels dictated by the codes and regulations, we provide significant savings by fine-tuning the structural members.


Structural Engineering Consultancy
Research & Development ​
Software Development
Value Engineering & Design Optimization ​




Web-Based Design Platform for Reinforced Concrete Structures – Design Optimization

Funded by Turkish Government’s “Scientific and Technological Research Council” under “1512 – Entrepreneurship Multi-Phase Program”, we initiated the use of a web-based design platform, optimizing the section and reinforcement in reinforced concrete members.


This pioneering R&D task also consists of implementing the groundbreaking advancements in machine-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the purpose of reaching an automated design algorithm, which enables an “error-free” solution while eliminating the use of human expertise.


Consultancy Service for the Advanced Analysis and Design of Structures

Within the scope of a  wide range consultancy service agreement with our Partner (a well-known design and consultancy firm in Turkey), we are providing structural analysis and design solutions to challenging tasks, encountered by our Partner’s various teams.


Advanced Software for the Design of Post-Tensioned Traverse Members

We satisfied the needs of our Partner (a local manufacturer) by testing various parameters, leading to an improved design software developed for the design of post-tensioned traverse members.


Product Testing and Structural Design Development for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels

We conducted a collaborative R&D program with our Partner (a leading manufacturer in Turkey), in which various tests were performed. As a result, we developed an optimized design software, which provided a faster and more economical solution to our Partner.


Performance Testing and Validation for Semi-Precast Double Walls with Fiber Composite Connectors

We were appointed by a well-known manufacturer Partner in Europe in order to perform the seismic testing of semi-precast double walls, then the short-term and long-term behavior of fiber reinforced composite structural connectors. As a result, we improved the design, verified the product performance, as well as presented a new “performance-approved” connector to the European Precast Industry.


Advanced Dynamic Analysis and Risk Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Dams

We provided consultancy service to our Partner (a Turkish Municipal Authority) for the earthquake analysis and risk assessment of reinforced concrete dams. We approached the challenging analysis of dam-reservoir-foundation interaction by the “state-of-the-art” research on this task and finally developed our own methodology.


Blast Resistant Design of Reinforced Concrete Members

With a collaborative effort with our Partner, we are providing blast resistant design solutions to a leading Governmental Authority in Turkish Defence Industry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We value our Partners' confidentiality and privacy policies. Thus, we conduct our Projects under special NDA agreements. Please contact us for further details.




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ODTÜ Teknokent

Üniversiteler Mah. İhsan Doğramacı Blv. No.13

Çankaya/Ankara TURKEY

Tel: +90 (533) 683 79 82

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